Planting Seeds

One of the many things I like to do on my journey of life is to plant seeds everywhere I go.  I have always been into helping others in any way I can to improve their lives, which is why I became a self-defense expert.  My role in life, however, is much more involved than just a self-defense/martial arts instructor.

One thing to understand, however, is that just because seeds are planted doesn’t mean they are going to grow.  My job isn’t to worry about that.  My job is to continuously plant seeds and enjoy the one’s that do grow.  There are several ways we can plant seeds on our journey.  The best way is through our actual actions of being kind, helping those in need, educating others through our experiences and expertise, and having an open mind.

I have found that being a good listener and genuinely caring about who you are talking to and what his/her needs are is a great way to change people’s lives.  Sometimes a seed is a kind word said that a person needed to hear to heal his/her heart.  Sometimes a seed is a gift you wanted to give to a particular person with no intentions of wanting anything in return.

One thing that makes me proud is that I often get e-mails and messages on facebook from people thanking me for what I have done for them.  Most of the time it’s from people I’ve never met.  Usually it has to do with an article I write or something I said that they found on the internet somewhere.  Just the other day I received a facebook message from someone I never met and it made me feel awesome.  I will share this with you:

“Mr. Miller,

We have never met or had any communications in the past, but I wanted to thank you.  See, I was at a time in my life when I had stopped training in the martial arts due to work, marriage and children.  And sadly laziness breeds more laziness.  So I had no motivation to train.

One evening I was surfing on youtube and stumbled across some of your videos.  I saw a person with a passion for martial arts like I once had.  A man who was not only great at his art but loved to do it.  And your enthusiasm looked as though it spreads to your students.

The reason I wanted to thank you is because you inspired me to get off my rear end and start training again.  Not only just training again but training in Kenpo.  I’m currently a yellow belt (about to test for my orange) and I love it.

Just for a little background.  I’m 31, I’ve been training since I was 14 (aside from the lazy spell I spoke of).  Aside from Kenpo, I am a 4th degree black belt in TKD, 3rd degree black in American Freestyle, with a fair amount of cross training in other arts.  Thank you sir, for inspiring a man that you have never met to get up and train once again.  If I hadn’t seen that video that evening, my martial arts journey may have ended. Thank you.”

I won’t put his name as he doesn’t know I am writing this.  As you can see, it is possible to spread seeds when you don’t even know that you are.   It’s nice that I am able to do that and I am proud that this fellow recognized my passion.

How often do you plant seeds?  I always encourage my students to follow my role and lead by example so that our community will continue to become a better place one person at a time.

About the author:

Michael Miller is an expert in reality based self-defense, personal protection, personal development, and fitness.  He has been featured several times in Inside Kung-fu and Black Belt magazines as an authority in his field.  He is one of two people on the entire East Coast actively certified through the Gift of Power Foundation—one of the top organizations for self-defense and personal safety—created by one of Miller’s instructors Dave Hebler (ex bodyguard to Elvis Presley).