The Perfect Weapon

The primary system I study and teach is Ed Parker’s American Kenpo, most commonly called American Kenpo.  There is only one American Kenpo and Parker created it.  Unfortunately, Mr. Parker passed away December 15, 1990—a time where his system of Kenpo was about to hit mainstream on screen.

“The Perfect Weapon” had just been put together starring Jeff Speakman (a black belt under Parker) and they were in the final production process when Parker passed away.  The movie came out in 1991 and became a huge hit.  It is certainly one of the best martial arts movies ever.

American Kenpo is a dynamic reality based art, which is why it was created.  Ed Parker was a street fighter from Hawaii and knew that traditional martial arts were not practical for modern streets.  They were good for other things such as discipline, respect, self-control, etc. but were not practical for self-defense.

The movie “The Perfect Weapon” showcases the effectiveness of this powerful art.  Jeff Speakman has always been a great martial artist and in February of 2007 I was able to train with him in West Palm Beach, Florida.  I took one seminar under him.  If you haven’t seen the movie I suggest looking it up.  Kenpo looks amazing on screen.Jeff Speakman and Ed Parker \”The Perfect Weapon\”

In this article I have included a video of Jeff Speakman and Ed Parker (during the shooting of “The Perfect Weapon”).  Both are interviewed and some scenes of the movie are shown.  (Click on the link above) See for yourself what this amazing art is capable of.  If you are interested in learning more about this system give me a call at 814-368-3725 or e-mail me at  Our adult program is strictly about reality based self-defense.