Matt Morris Wins MMA Fight in First Round

Miller’s Kenpo Karate 2nd degree brown belt Matt Morris fought in is fourth MMA fight on July 30, 2011 in North Olmsted, Ohio (Cleveland area). Fighting in the 155 pound weight division Morris’s opponent, Amran Allyev from Syracuse, N.Y. came into the fight with a record of 2-1.


When the fight began, after touching gloves, both fighters utilized some footwork as Morris began firing jabs.  It looked as if Allyev was feeling Morris out as he backed up to attempt to stay out of range as Morris through jabs, lead hook and right cross.  Morris fired a rear leg round house kick to the leg and then a front leg front kick to the body.  Allyev answered with a powerful rear leg round house kick.


Morris answered with a superman punch that ended in a tight clinch.  Allyev immediately took Morris down and Morris scrambled to get Allyev in his guard.  Morris immediately went for a Kimora and Allyev rolled to attempt an escape, but Morris stuck with it. Allyev made a 2nd attempt to get out but to no avail.  Morris kept grinding on it as the crowd groaned looking at the position Allyev’s arm was in.  It was to the point where the shoulder could pop out any second.  Although Allyev was very flexible Morris forced him to verbally submit 1:56 into the first round.


Morris worked extremely hard for this fight.  He has been a student under martial arts expert and boxing/MMA trainer Michael Miller for seven years.  Miller has been his head trainer and corner man for all of Morris’s MMA fights.  Aside from Miller, Morris trains with Art Vulgamore at the Knockout Factory in Salamanca, and Charlie Fitzsimmons of Bradford, Pa.