Our Mission at Miller’s Kenpo Karate

At Miller’s Kenpo Karate we believe in providing the best methods possible to succeed in all aspects of life.  We genuinly care about every student and the progress that the student makes.   We will do whatever we can to help every student reach his or her full potential and accomplish the goals he or she sets.  At our school it’s about the students, not the instructors.  Any martial arts studio that focuses on the instructors’s accomplishments or the instructors pocket book is a place where a student will be limited and will receive nothing more than a false sense of security.  An instructor with an ego, boasting about how great he or she is while strutting around with his or her arms crossed barking orders is a sure sign of a poor instructor who produces poor quality students and gives away belts to keep students coming and paying.   Instructors who are focused on themselves cannot help others become all they are capable of becoming.  As a student you are much more concerned with what an instructor can do for you, rather than what the instructor has accomplished.  With that said, we wanted to share our mission at our school as a reminder. 


Our Mission:


The Objective

To teach students how to think and become self – correcting through learning concepts, principles, and theories that are practical in thought and action with realistic modern training modalities to better their lives on all levels, while creating a Kenpo mindset allowing logical and practical thinking through personal interpretation, analyzing, dissecting, and creating to become the best they are capable of becoming at their personal style of Kenpo by always remaining a student who is humble, loyal, respectful, disciplined, motivated, and leads by example through appropriate behaviors and character.

The Purpose

To improve the lives of every student who walks through the studio door by teaching proper values as well as high impact drills to help build better balance, coordination, agility, flexibility, stamina, strength, cardiovascular health, and muscular endurance to create a much happier and healthier student who is motivated to set goals, and stay on course to achieving those goals while being focused and disciplined, creating self-confidence and a healthy self-esteem. Also, to teach students to learn to be optimistic and take personal responsibility for their own lives while learning a modern practical system of self-defense and personal protection based on logic and reason, not tradition, while molding their own personal style of Kenpo tailored to them, eventually becoming fully qualified black belts who are role models for our community.

The Plan

To teach quality classes that focus on improving every student each class, as well as to get on a personal level with each student so that the student can be properly taught according to his or her ability, desires, needs, thoughts, personality and body type to produce a student who has reached his or her full potential and looks forward to a continued journey of success.