2012 East Coast Fall Kenpo Camp

If you are an American Kenpo student you have an awesome opportunity Friday, September 7 – Saturday September 8, 2012. At Miller’s Kenpo Karate Dojo we are hosting our first ever East Coast Fall Kenpo Camp. We are bringing in four great instructors – 3 fromFloridaand 1 fromCalifornia. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Three of the instructors are all Journey honorees (either in both books or one of them) who all studied under the legendary Ed Parker.  These three well known instructors are Rich Hale, Rainer Schulte and Sean Kelley.  The fourth instructor is one of Mr. Kelley’s top black belts – Mike Friedman who holds a 5th degree black belt. A bio of each instructor is at the end of this article.

If you’ve taken seminars under any of these fine instructors I am sure you will do whatever it takes to make this camp. If you’ve never trained with any or all of these instructors this is the perfect opportunity to do so.  I’ve trained numerous times with Mr. Kelley and Mr. Schulte and have taken only two classes under Mr. Hale. Mr. Friedman and I are good friends and were both promoted to 5th degree black belt at the same time under Mr. Kelley, Mr. Pick, and Mr. Schulte. Outside of my actual instructors the best seminar I have ever attended was under Mr. Hale, and I’ve taken classes under numerous greats. Do whatever you can to make it – especially if you are a student of Miller’s Dojo or are close to theBradford, Pa area.


The schedule and topics are as follows:


Friday, Sept. 7 (7:00 – 8:30pm)


Topic: Technique Breakdown – Usable Combative Sequences (part 1)


Instructor: Rich Hale (7th degree black belt)


Saturday, Sept. 8 (10-11am)


Child Class (ages 4-9)


Topic: Stomp the Bullying


Instructor: Sean Kelley (7th degree black belt)


Saturday, Sept. 8 (11:30am-12:30pm)


Topic: Hubud Drills as Technique Entries


Instructor: Mike Friedman (5th degree black belt)




Saturday, Sept. 8 (2:00 – 3:00pm)


Topic: Self-Defense/Offense Concepts and Principles


Instructor: Rainer Schulte (8th degree black belt)


Saturday, Sept. 8 (3:15 – 4:30pm)


Topic: Technique Breakdown – Usable Combative Sequences (part 2)


Instructor: Rich Hale (7th degree black belt)


Saturday, Sept. 8 (4:30 – 6:00pm)


Topic: Variable Expansion


Instructor: Sean Kelley


Seminar Fee Structure:


$140 (Adults)


$40 per class or $120 for all 5 classes


$30 (Stomp the Bullying child class)


For those children who register for the child class, they will get their current belt autographed by Mr. Kelley at the end of the class.


Checks or money orders can be made out to Michael Miller


Cash only at the door (American)


Mr. Miller’s students must pre-register and pay when you register. Must be registered by Sept. 2.


Out of towners who want to pre-register please send check to


Michael Miller

443 East Main   Street

Bradford,Pa 16701


Hotel info:


Comfort Inn

76 Elm Street

Bradford,Pa 16701


Any questions e-mail Michael Miller at michael.miller@millersdojo.com


Or call 814-368-3725


Miller’s Kenpo Karate Dojo

443 East Main   Street

Bradford, Pa 16701


Bio of Rainer Schulte:


Who is this man like no other Kenpo coined in Germanyand Europe?
Well, Mr. Schulte is a German with an American passport and no one fits that description so much and so little on how this man Nevertheless, this is an important finding, because part of his mentality is hidden just behind the “double origin” and is certainly not the worst .
He is certainly an American patriot with a German organization, spirit and thoroughness with which he surpasses most of his teachers. It is with this talent and with his talent for Kenpo – not to mention-started what we today the history of European Kenpo `s name.


Let’s go back to the origin and thus better start we all start from scratch, because the history inAmericaof the 60s. The young Mr. Schulte was in his “wild area” grew up inLos Angelesin the street fights were an everyday affair, and as a German-born and not just the body’s enormous stature, he had to say earlier. Surely even Ray’s – as his friends call him today – very good voice talent, but he had to learn how many other boys in his neighborhood, that helps only the rhetorical skills that can still speak and not before ko’s. The parallels to Ed Parker and his youth are obvious, and certainly not least because there developed a “father-son” – the relationship between the two, which Mr. Parker in many letters, dedications, mentions in his books and finally put in his trust by him later “IKKA europe chief” made .


Someone said Mr. Schulte that certainly something was needed for the war without weapons “to” a fact that sounds trite, but it along with his “experimental streetfighter attitude” brought directly to Kenpo. For the correctness of the theory is that Mr. Schulte still healthy among us, in spite of the Vietnam War, and although in 1965 he volunteered.

By the way, Mr. Schulte examines each technique still in use-value in the actual situation, what is undoubtedly a relic of more uncertain times, so that the concept of the Ed Parker Kenpo came to meet and come. Not least, this fact is that Mr. Schulte at countless police special commandos to make a popular speaker.


His first coach in Kenpo was a man named Danny Inosnato, probably every martial artist should know, but other modern martial arts sizes were his companion and training partner in the studio and on the road. We would highlight here Larry Hartsell, who later joined Bruce Lee and then Danny Insosanto. By the way, Danny Inosanto was a 1st degree balck belt under Ed Parker and it was finally Ed Parker, who brought to the young Danny Escrima and Arnis. Mr. Parker believed he had to save a piece of cultural heritage of thePhilippinesfor this special young man. The story is detailed in the books of Mr. Inosanto and read the devotion for Mr. Parker expressed in his dedications. The rest is history.


By the way, Mr. Schulte also trained for six months with Bruce Lee and is to this day from him very impressed. To be precise, only one man actually has him more impressed than martial artist and human being. Who can imagine that’s probably everyone, because what Mr. Schulte thinks he does, he follows consistently or with which he breaks with great consistency. His other training partners have long been prominent as a legend or in the “martial arts scene” with the insiders. The list of names is so incredible that it almost did not dare to publish it because it is in danger of being untrustworthy. Nevertheless, it was Elvis Presley, Joe Hyams, Elke Sommer, Sidney Porter to name a few. The list is read in the EP books.


Many teachers were important to Mr. Schulte such as Larry Tatum and Tom Kelly, but the all-important contact opened, he saw for the first time Ed Parker. The first impression was mistaken Ray just like he deceived most people who saw Ed Parker for the first time. There seemed to be the friendly, lumbering giant who loved to laugh, eat and joke telling. Well, yes, the eyes always betrayed a little more. That was exactly EP also, that friendly, but only in part.


What was the other part was all the more incredible when he stepped onto the mat or in a situation came to this side of life. It passed the metamorphosis of this man who was moving so fast that his own hair, the speed could not accommodate so powerful that he did not hit opponent’s body, but by marching through them. All this coupled with the amazing ability, every movement, every feeling of movement, every sound, the whole scene of the battle afterwards to analyze accurately even after months or years and even through live so that his pupils everything was “very close” convey .


… and he kept the art simply because what is not easy, as much each knew who had once fought really could not work on the street or in war. Mr. Schulte for the thing was clear: This is my teacher, this is my art and other hobbies do not exist anymore from now on. In addition to his daily workout inSanta Monicastudio, the “stronghold of Kenpo”, he trained two times a month in the living room of Ed Parker. Only his livelihood he held them to put more time into training.


Today it is quite surprising that Mr. Schulte never thought to open his own school (but who knows? At 60, he’s just still very young and if he makes it … see above) under his critical eye learned Rainer is not only authentic original Kenpo as many want to see it today, but he learned that one of the few constants is change the Kenpo. The adaptation of art to the environment and their circumstances.


And … he got to the principle “keep it simple” (see above), not complicate … a wisdom of the many martial arts instructors have that art explode In theory, one should reconsider. Complication in the name of simplification is not the cause of Kenpoists.


One of the most important principles was also the mind to new or unfamiliar to hold it open. What will be created for fighters who “fight” only their own people in a heated hall? Well, it created fighters who fail at the first contact with a different style, a street fighter, a change in environmental conditions or other unexpected. All he wanted to convey, and so it all started inEurope.


Bio of Sean Kelley:


Sean P. Kelley, a 7th Degree Black Belt in Ed Parker’s American Kenpo Karate and is President of the Chinese Karate Federation (CKF). He is an international instructor having taught inUSA,Chile,United Kingdom,Ireland, andCanada.

Sean Kelley has proved to be a major educational force in the community through numerous programs at local pre-schools, elementary schools, local colleges, and recreation centers. Sean Kelley’s purpose is to foster self-confidence, encourage self-discipline, discourage violence, and increase personal safety.

Training History

Sean Kelley began his martial arts training in Moo Duk Kwan in 1975 under Francisco Conde, earning his Black Belt in 1983. However, when he met Grandmaster Ed Parker in 1978, Mr. Kelley developed an appreciation and respect for the art of American Kenpo. When he moved toFloridain 1983, Sean Kelley began serious training in Mr. Parker’s art, opening his own Kenpo school in 1985. During this time, he organized and hosted seminars featuring instructors such as Ed Parker, Bill Wallace, Joe Lewis, Jeff Speakman and Billy Blanks. Presently, Mr. Kelley trains under Grandmaster Michael Robert Pick.

In 1992, Sean Kelley became a student of Parker Kenpo instructor, Lee Wedlake, Jr. ofFort   Myers,Florida. Mr. Kelley and Mr. Wedlake have collaborated in promoting the Florida Kenpo Camp three-day seminars held yearly atKelleyKarateCenter. Guest instructors have included such outstanding kenpoists as Michael Robert Pick, Richard ‘Huk’ Planas, Frank Trejo, Tom Kelly, Gil Hibben, Lee Wedlake, and David Hebler.

Mr. Kelley’s rank advancements:

  • Promoted to 5th Degree in      1995 by 8th Degree Lee Wedlake
  • Promoted to 6th Degree in      1999 by 9th Degree Richard ‘Huk’ Planas, first generation Parker Black      Belt and ten-year Vice President of Ed Parker’s IKKA
  • Promoted to 5th Degree in      2000 by kickboxing legend Joe Lewis in Joe Lewis’ American Karate Systems.
  • Promoted to 7th Degree in      2007 by 10th Degree Michael Robert Pick, first generation Parker Black      Belt endorsed by GM Dave Hebler,Master Rainer Schulte and witnessed by GM      Bill “Superfoot” Wallace.

Awards, Citations and Affiliations

  • Youngest martial artist      included in the 2001 book, THE JOURNEY, the Oral Histories of 24 of the      Most proficiant American Kenpoists of Today
  • Voted into “who’s Who” of      Martial Arts in 1992 by KARATE INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE
  • Chosen for the Crime Stoppers      Award by thePalm Beach     Crime Prevention Association
  • Awarded “Citizen of the      Month” by the TOWN CRIER NEWSPAPER
  • Member of Bill Wallace’s      Superfoot Systems
  • Member of Joe Lewis’ American      Karate Systems
  • President of the Chinese      Karate Federation and International Instructor
  • Appeared in the 2008 Movie      Release “Protecting The King” produced by David E. Stanley CEO of Impello      Films as an extra during the Kenpo Fight scenes.
  • Received award from the Mayor      of Maipu’- Chile 2008 for coming to his City and teaching Ed Parker’s American      Kenpo Karate.
  • Featured in the Martial Arts      Magazine “Inside Kung-Fu” in the July & October issues 2008.
  • Appeared on the TV Pilot      “Ranking Marcial” in 2008 and 2009.
  • Featured in martial arts      magazine “Budoka International” in 2007, 2008, and 2009 South American      Release
  • Security/Safety specialist
  • Producer of Video/DVD library
  • “Sticky Hands” video with      Frank Trejo (10th black)
  • Kenpo for Kids video
  • “The Guardian” training      defensive tactics video
  • “Infinite Oversights”      training DVD’s (a 6 DVD series)

The Guardian Angels

The Guardian Angel Motto “Dare to Care” embodies Mr. Kelley’s concern for the community. A long-time friend of Guardian Angel founder Curtis Sliwa, Mr. Kelley has been the South Florida Coordinator of the Guardian Angels for over sixteen years, and actively patrols the streets to deter crime and gang activity.

The Urban Angel Program is a satellite program of the Guardian Angels, taught by Sean Kelley and sponsored by the YMCA of the Palm Beaches. This outreach program effectively uses martial arts training to develop physical and mental strength in troubled youth, allowing them to build self-esteem, confidence and character.


Bio of Rich Hale:


I don’t have a bio of Rich Hale.  You can go to www.pacifickenpo.com to check out his site, however. What I can tell you is that Mr. Hale created the Kenpo Journal, which I have and it has the most accurate information about American Kenpo that you can find. It is amazing. Mr. Hale was also one of Mr. Parker’s last private students.  He has many stories about Mr. Parker.


Bio of Mike Friedman:


Mr. Friedman is the head instructor at the school and a 5th Degree Black Belt in American Kenpo, as well as being certified to teach Solo Baston, Double Baston, and Daga, in the system of Pambuan Arnis. He began his training in 1984 in Tae Kwon Do, and was not until 1988 (after moving to South Florida fromNew Jersey) that he began the study of American Kenpo Karate with Mr. Manny Reyes Sr. 10th Degree Black Belt. He received his 1st Degree Black Belt in 1995 and shortly after relocated toAtlanta,Georgia. It was there that he met Mr. Tony Young (world super lightweight champion), and turned his focus to freestyle sparring training for Karate Tournaments. Before Mr. Friedman leftAtlantahe was ranked #1 on the A.S.K.L circuit for heavy weight fighting and forms. In 2000 he moved toOrlando, and continued training for tournaments. That same year he competed on the N.A.S.K.A (national competition circuit) and finished 3rd in the world for light heavyweights, and since that time has won Florida State Titles in Fighting and Forms in 2002 and 2003.


In 2006 he was accepted as a student by Sean P. Kelley (7th Degree Black Belt) and by the Chinese Karate Federation www.ChineseKarateFederation.com as a member school and, later that year was honored when he was named as the “State Representative of Florida”. Also in the same year he was accepted as a student of Ama Guro Raffy Pambuan in system of Pambuan Arnis. Mr. Friedman was recently promoted to 5th Degree Black Belt in American Kenpo by Mr. Kelley, and continues to train constantly to further his knowledge of the arts and to pass this knowledge along to his students.


Volunteering in our communities is very important to Mr. Friedman. In recent years the school has worked with the seniors intervention group to participate in community cleanup events, as well as hosted fundraisers for St. Jude’s Children’s ResearchHospital, and the Guardian Angels (a worldwide citizen’s crime fighting group) also providing Defensive Tactics training for the group. He has also taught reoccurring in-flight training for the Flight Attendants and Pilots of Pan Am Airlines. The free training covered Defensive tactics and strategies they can use, while on board commercial airplanes. He has most recently become involved with www.StompTheBullying.org providing seminars and classes to elementary school aged children on strategies to deal with bullying.