Miller Writes New Book – Kenpo Perspectives

Miller Writes New Book – Kenpo Perspectives

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00019] International martial arts instructor Michael Miller of Miller’s Kenpo Karate Dojo in Bradford, PA wrote a new book called Kenpo Perspectives: The Diversity of American Kenpo.

The book delves into the inner workings of American Kenpo, which is known as one of the top martial arts systems for self-defense primarily because it’s a modern practical system rather than a traditional classical system.

The system was featured in movies several times beginning with The Perfect Weapon starring Kenpo icon Jeff Speakman who then went on to star in several other films showcasing American Kenpo in fight scenes. Miller trained with Speakman at a seminar in Florida in 2007.

Kenpo Perspectives includes a detailed analysis of the perspectives, interpretations, and beliefs of some of the top American Kenpo instructors in the world about the blueprint of American Kenpo and how they understand it, teach it, and apply it. Miller interviewed 15 of the top American Kenpo instructors in the world to create this 489 page book that was published through TCB Publications.

The book can be purchased on in both soft cover ($26.95) and Kindle ($9.99). It can also be purchased directly through Miller (if you would like an autographed copy). To purchase through Miller you can make a payment of $34.95 (including shipping) via PayPal at or you can send a check to Miller at 443 East Main Street, Bradford, Pa 16701.

This is Miller’s fourth book and he is halfway done with his fifth. You can visit to find out more about his writing career and his books.

Miller holds a 5th degree black belt in American Kenpo and is well-versed in several other styles of the martial arts. He was a direct student under martial arts legend Joe Lewis and has trained with martial arts icon Bill “Superfoot” Wallace on several occasions.

Miller has travelled throughout the United States and Germany to teach martial arts seminars. For more information about getting Miller for a seminar e-mail him at

Miller holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in writing with a minor in sociology from the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford.