About the CKF

We are a Chinese Karate Federation school. The Chinese Karate Federation is a top notch American Kenpo organization dedicated to perpetuating the art of Senior Grandmaster Edmund Parker. It is under the direction of President Sean Kelley (7th degree black belt) who had personally trained with Mr. Parker.  Mr. Kelley is an international instructor sought out by many.

Mr. Kelley met Mr. Parker in 1978 and when he moved to Florida in 1983 he began serious training in Mr. Parker’s art. In 1985 he opened his own school and hosted seminars with such notables as Ed Parker, Bill “Superfoot” Wallace, Joe Lewis, Jeff Speakman and Billy Blanks to name a few. Along with Mr. Parker himself, Mr. Kelley has also been under the direction of first generation Parker black belts Lee Wedlake and Huk Planas. Mr. Kelley is currently under one of the most senior Grandmaster’s of the system Grandmaster Michael Robert Pick. Kelley was featured in the book “The Journey” which was the Oral Histories of 24 of the most proficient American Kenpoists of today.

Although lead by Mr. Kelley, the CKF is comprised of a variety of instructors, master instructors, school owners and students. Members of CKF get the opportunity to train with a number of Mr. Parker’s first generation black belts including: Grandmaster Michael Robert Pick, Grandmaster Dave Hebler, Grandmaster Frank Trejo and more.

Mr. Parker believed in always expanding your knowledge. With this in mind, the CKF networks with some of the top martial artists in the world including the legendary Bill “Superfoot” Wallace and Joe Lewis. Working with such greats as these two expands and enhances the ability and knowledge of all serious American Kenpo students. The CKF offers regular seminars with some of the top martial artists in the world to be able to cross train with the best.

The CKF produces the greatest American Kenpo has to offer. CKF instructors continue to grow in the art and are willing to not only serve as instructors, but also, as great role models. The CKF focuses on continuing education to increase knowledge, expertise and teaching abilities.

The board members of the CKF include: Sean Kelley (President), Master Rainer Schulte (Vice President), Grandmaster Michael Robert Pick (Senior Teaching Black Belt), Ranger Gary O’Neal, and Bill “Superfoot” Wallace.

It is important to be a member of an organization, which is why every student of ours is required to be a member of the CKF since we are a CKF school. Mr. Miller is the CKF public relations administrator and one of Mr. Kelley’s top black belts. Being a member of an organization or association makes you a professional with the credibility of a national or international organization behind you.

Your membership fee is $30.00 per year. As a member you are backed up by a great organization that displays professionalism, honor, and integrity and will give you credibility. You will also have access to different CKF seminars with some of the top Kenpoists in the world. All active members’ names are listed on the CKF Web site (www.chinesekaratefederation.com).

“The CKF is a family of martial artists helping each other grow in the practice of Kenpo Karate. We believe the most important investment in your martial arts training and future is time on the mat with the finest instructors available. Our instructors are dedicated to providing you with top quality training at CKF schools, and through CKF seminars.”

(CKF Website)

“I can’t even begin to explain how great it is to be a part of such a phenomenal organization. I am able to train with the best American kenpoists in the world, all of whom were Parker black belts. I am honored to have Sean Kelley as my instructor and look forward to expanding my knowledge and becoming a better instructor as the days go by. Thanks to Mr. Kelley and the CKF I will never have a kenpo void that will be unfilled. Thank-you so much Mr. Kelley for taking me under your wing and molding me into the kenpo practitioner and instructor I have been longing to be. God bless and full salute!”

–Michael Miller

Owner/Head Instructor

Miller’s Kenpo Karate Dojo