Michael Miller teaches a private boxing program with different packages available. The Knock Out package consists of six private lessons per month at 30 minutes each.  These private lessons are for up to four people.  The investment is $100 per month.  That’s only $25 a month per person if four of you join together.  If you join with one friend that is only $50 a month for six classes.


Our TKO program is four private lessons a month for $75 and is also for up to four people.


Or you can just go with our regular private lessons which are $25 a session for one person or $40 a session for 2-3 people.  If you sign up for this program you can do as few as you want (1 per month, 2 per month, 3 per month).


These sessions are set up privately with Mr. Miller at time slots that are convenient for everybody.


The best punchers in the world are boxers.  Boxing teaches about proper body mechanics, how to have good rhythm and good timing, head movement, body movement, foot movement, and how to throw punches correctly in singles and combinations.


These programs can be just to learn how to box, to get into better shape, to build your confidence, or to be able to compete someday.


You will learn shadowboxing, bag work, focus mitt drills, interaction drills, and more.  The workouts will get you into better shape, build your agility, coordination, balance, speed and power.


If you are an MMA fighter this is a great program to improve your striking skills.


If you are interested in learning boxing contact Michael Miller at 814-368-3725 or e-mail


About Miller’s Boxing Journey:


Miller began boxing in 1997 and has been training and teaching it since then.  He was a USABF Amateur boxer for the Bradford Boxing Club (no longer existing).  At the time Miller was one of two active Bradford Boxers, which eventually went to four and dropped to one.  Miller trained hard for two years to compete.  He fought in Aiello’s Café in Ridgway, Pa winning by unanimous decision over a much taller opponent making his record 1-0.  Miller’s fight was number 9 on a card of 12 and shortly after the bell rang Miller landed a right cross to his opponent’s nose knocking him down.  The crowd roared in excitement since that was the first knockdown of the night.  Later in the round Miller knocked him down again.  Just before the bell Miller gave his opponent a standing eight count after landing numerous punches to his head while he was against the ropes.  Miller ended up knocking him down three times the entire fight.


After that fight Miller continued training hard only to have three fights canceled on him within the next year.  Miller was invited to fight in West Virginia, which he wanted to take, but his trainers didn’t want to travel that far.  So that made four disappointments.  Wanting to fight, Miller decided he was going to fight in Golden Gloves to fight some of the top amateur boxers in the country.  The night before Miller was supposed to go his corner man called and backed out due to a family issue.  Once again, Miller was out of luck.  Due to all the politics Miller decided to hang up his gloves keeping his record at 1-0. He continued to train and help teach at the club.  Eventually the club closed.


Once the club closed Miller focused on teaching martial arts and throughout the years opened Miller’s Kenpo Karate Dojo and began training with some of the top martial artists in the world including the legendary Joe Lewis and Bill “Superfoot” Wallace.  Miller is a part of Joe Lewis Fighting Systems and has trained with Lewis several times both privately and in group sessions.  Miller also trained with Wallace numerous times and even had Wallace at his school.


Miller is now a boxing and mixed martial arts trainer who currently has one fighter who actively competes.