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5 Reasons why Every Adult Should be Erolled in Miller’s Dojo


Miller’s adult program helps you lose weight and tone your body:

You can expect several changes in your body with our adult classes. You’ll burn calories, tone your muscles, and kick your metabolism into overdrive. Working out in our classes will help you shed those unwanted pounds. Many adults in our classes have been happy with the pounds they had shed in our program and are enjoying their lives more than they were before.

Miller’s adult program improves your health:

Our adult program will improve your cardiovascular health through the fitness portion of the training that comes with the program. Your resting heart rate will decrease and your ability to maintain an increased heart rate will rise. You will breathe better and will have more energy. You will have less stress and will feel much better about your self, which will improve your overall well being. You will also find yourself more resistant to colds and flu and will find that your recovery time through a sickness will be better than ever.

Miller’s adult program develops self-confidence:

Adults who take lessons at Miller’s Dojo develop the confidence necessary to handle life’s pressures. Confidence determines our level of success in every area in our lives. It dictates how the cycle of our day goes. If we lack confidence it is difficult to get through life in a positive manner and it’s next to impossible to be successful. At Miller’s Dojo you will be encouraged to take chances to push yourself to the next level. You will truly amaze yourself. With increased self-confidence you will gain a better outlook on life.

Miller’s adult program teaches world class self-defense:

At Miller’s Kenpo Karate we teach a modern reality based martial arts system tailored specific to your needs. Our primary system (American Kenpo) is a practical system based on logic and reason that will work for anyone who trains properly and has the proper mindset (both of which you will get through our school). American Kenpo is an analytical study of motion that utilizes proper methods of movement and effective techniques from all ranges of defense. It has been proven time and time again on the street and in combat. Several Kenpo experts have been bodyguards to such celebrities as Elvis Presley (8th degree black belt in American Kenpo by the way), Paul McCartney (Beatles), Don Johnson (Miami Vice), Eddie Van Halen, President Bush Sr. and more because the system is so effective. It is designed to work and is a street based art!

At Miller’s Kenpo Karate you learn the mental, verbal and physical aspects of self-defense and personal protection. Our students learn how to recognize danger and avoid a potentially dangerous situation before it arises. We practice like you are going to have to defend yourself every time you walk out on the street, but with the mental and verbal training, you shouldn’t ever have to use the physical combative skills. With society today, however, you can never be too safe. Having the ability to protect yourself is a must and the skills we can provide you can ensure you will live a safe life by keeping yourself and your family safe from attackers. You will learn to have the mindset of reality and not fantasy. You will increase your strength, stamina, flexibility and will be able to strike with effective power, speed and precision.

Miller’s adult program creates many opportunities:

Our adult program opens many doors in all areas of your life. Once becoming proficient in American Kenpo you will be better qualified for future jobs such as security personnel, body guarding, law enforcement, prison guards, bouncers, stunt work, movies, and more. You will also have the opportunity to teach. In our program you learn all phases: the academic, sport, and combative so that you could teach if you ever decide to do so. If you are not looking to use Kenpo to help your career, you could use it to help others. The possibilities are endless at Miller’s Kenpo Karate. We are here for you and age is not a factor. Whether you are 6 or 86 you can do it. It’s a tailor made system that you mold into your own style based on your wants, needs, body type, experience, and personality.


This program teaches the realities of American Kenpo – a modern street system based on the analytical study of motion and the laws of the universe (primarily composed of physics and geometry), as well as a mix of boxing, kickboxing, Joe Lewis Fighting Systems, Judo, Krav Maga, Wing Chun, Modern Arnis, and Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu. In this program you will learn the blueprint of American Kenpo which teaches you how to think and how to protect yourself in modern environments.  Although you will learn some methods of self-protection outside of the American Kenpo curriculum, you will learn to have a Kenpo mindset, which will allow anything you learn to be molded into your own unique style of Kenpo, personalized to your genetic makeup, attitude, desires, and needs. You learn the comprehensive American Kenpo system and then create your own unique style of Kenpo. In this program we teach the system tailored to you and you make it your own and make it work for you.

You will learn proper methods of self-defense including joint manipulations, chokes, takedowns, throws, submissions and several striking methods.  You will also learn the combative aspect which includes practical weapons training in the stick, knife and pistol along with methods of dealing with them.  You will learn empty hand to empty hand, empty hand to weapon, weapon to empty hand, and weapon to weapon.

This program is the most comprehensive and practical program you will find in our area.  Aside from learning realistic self-defense principles, strategies, modern combative tactics, concepts, and techniques, you will also get in better shape while building confidence at the same time. Nothing is more important than your health. This is a great program that will improve your health through fitness exercises and stress relief.

This program is for any male or female ages 16 and up.  We have just as many women as we do men in this program, and women love the program.  If you have any questions call Michael Miller at 814-368-3725 or e-mail him at

This is a great program for women:

Many martial arts instructors have a 4-6 week women’s self-defense program that they teach outside of their normal classes. Although this is better than nothing, it is much more valuable to take an on-going program. There is no such thing as a “quick fix” when it comes to “real” self-defense.

A separate women’s self-defense program (4-6 weeks) will certainly help you, especially in the verbal and mental skills to learn to avoid potentially dangerous situations, but when it comes to the physical training – where you have to sharpen your tools – the 4-6 week program falls short. You can certainly learn the tools and even practice them quite a bit in the program, but what happens after the 4-6 weeks are up? If you stop sharpening your tools they will become dull. In order to become comfortable with the realities of a violent encounter, you must train properly and often.

The women at our school train in the full adult program and they love it. In fact, we have just as many women as men. Our program is a no nonsense reality based program that teaches all aspects of “real” practical self-defense. You may wonder why we say “real” self-defense. The system of martial arts we teach is a modern system based on logic and reason, not tradition. Tradition (movements passed on century after century) is limited and outdated. It doesn’t mean that they don’t have anything to offer, because they do if you find the right instructor.

Do you still watch a black and white television? Of course not, because the world has evolved into high def flat screen color televisions. Do you still go to the nearest phone booth when you are out and have to make a phone call? Of course not, because everyone has a cell phone now. I’m sure you get the point.

Some facts to ponder:

– 1 rape or sexual assault occurs every 2 minutes!

– 1 out of every 6 American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime!

– A total of 17.7 million women have been the victims of these crimes!

This is a common response:

“It won’t happen to me!”

You need to realize that it certainly “can” happen to you and probably “will” with that kind of attitude!

Hopefully it won’t happen to you. But think about this:

Do you plan on getting into a car accident?

Do you plan on having your house burn down?

Do you plan on dying a tragic untimely death?

But, you have car insurance, home owners insurance (or renters insurance), and life insurance!

Well, learning self-defense is the same thing. It’s called re-assurance! Just in case you are attacked you will have the will, knowledge, and skill to escape!

Fact is the probability that you will become a victim of some kind of physical attack is far greater than having your house go up in smoke, or suffering an early tragic death.

The point of our adult program, however, is to teach you about reality and how to make the reality based techniques work.

There are several reasons why you should join our adult program:

The training methods are reality based (kicking in the shin and slapping in the face won’t stop an attacker)

American Kenpo Karate is one of the most street effective systems for modern day combat, which teaches you how to deal with all scenarios.

We teach the three “M’s” of practical self-defense training: providing the proper “movements”, the proper “methods” of training and developing the proper “mindset.” Most martial arts teach only one of the three.


The information is world class, top of the line “true” info for a reality based mindset. Mr. Miller is an internationally recognized self-defense authority through the gift of power foundation—a non profit organization that teaches the top women’s self-defense program in the world. Mr. Miller is 1 of 4 people certified to teach the program (certified under ex bodyguard to Elvis Presley, Grandmaster Dave Hebler), and is 1 of 2 people certified on the entire East coast.

It teaches all methods of self-defense (all kinds of strikes, grabs and holds, as well as ground defense if you are taken to the ground).

It teaches escape, not conquer. Conquer is an illusion, escape is reality. We teach you to do enough damage to create the 2-3 seconds you need to escape.

Here is what a couple people from the program said:

Thanks Mr. Miller for everything. Your program has changed my life. I have learned to be more respectful, I have built a lot of confidence and self esteem, and you have taught me to be more self aware so that I now pay attention to my surroundings in school and when I am walking the streets. It has been a pleasure to be in your class for the two years, thus far. Thanks again for being a great instructor/teacher.

Mitch Lander 16 year old student in the adult program

I met up with Mr. Miller in late summer of 1997. I had always wanted to learn about the martial arts and wanted to try his system out. The training at Miller’s Dojo not only has taught me self-defense body mechanics in real life situations but also I’ve been able to apply the martial arts philosophies to the logistics of human behavior in everyday life. The sparring has enabled me to feel out my opponent and get a great workout. I also like the fact that he ranks you when he feel you’re ready rather than working on a time line principle like some places have been known to do.

Steven Bennett 42 year old student in the adult program

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