Guardian Angels Program

The Guardian Angels Anti-Bullying Leadership Program:


One of the biggest goals we have at Miller’s Kenpo Karate is to improve our community.  The community we live in is important – it’s where we grow/grew up, and where our children will grow up or are growing up in.  The better we can make it, the easier everybody’s lives will be.  Some people lack the understanding of the value of servicing our community.  We have come up with a community service program that we offer right through our school called the Guardian Angels Anti-Bullying Leadership Program.

Owner/Head Instructor Michael Miller is a Guardian Angel who decided to offer a FREE program through the Guardian Angels that teaches the value of community service, how to be a good citizen, leadership training, self-defense, and bully education as well as bully prevention and how to deal with bullying behavior.  Bullying is a major epidemic and it is a serious issue.  We take an active approach at educating others and cracking down through our “Stomp the Bullying” campaign.

This program is a three month program for any child ages 7 and up, their parents, and any other adult in the community whether a parent or not who would like to step up for the community and help tackle the problems we face in society and the bullying problem children face.  This program is one hour per week for three months and is offered on Sundays from 2:00-3:00pm.  If you are interested in the program contact Michael Miller at 814-368-3725 or e-mail at  You will be able to join in the next rotation since its three months long you will have to wait until the cycle is up and is ready to begin again.

Once the three month program is complete, which consists of education as mentioned above, self-defense training, and community service, the children will graduate as Junior Angels.  After the children graduate they can become leaders of the program to assist for the next cycle and will be called upon when needed.  It must be noted that the children are only allowed 3 absences. If they miss more than three classes they will not graduate and will have to try again next time if they wish.

The program will include an in depth manual as a reference guide to everything that is taught in the program.  It’s focus is to learn how to be good citizens and to learn how to rectify the bullying epidemic we have in our society by teaching people how not to be a bully, what bullying really entails, the warning signs of both a bully and someone being bullied, the risk factors, how not to be a target of a bully, common myths about bullying, statistics, the three T-Steps to verbal harassment, the rules of engagement in dealing with bullies and what you can do as citizens to “Stomp the Bullying.”   Aside from that, self-defense movements, strategies and tactics will also be taught in the program, as well as awareness skills, verbal Judo, and physical restraint moves to control and negotiate.  You will also learn to have a logical and practical mindset. The movements taught in the program come from American Kenpo (a modern practical system of self-defense – one of the most comprehensive systems of today) and Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, a world known art that teaches submissions and control movements.

If you know of someone who has been bullied or is currently being bullied tell that person to contact Michael Miller.  Miller’s Kenpo Karate Dojo has now become a “Martial Arts Safe Place” and Mr. Miller will help any person who is being bullied as a service to his community.  If you know anyone who could benefit from this refer them to us.  Be sure to tell everybody that it is a FREE program.


We hope to see you in this program.


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