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About Legends of Kenpo: Rainer Schulte

This is the beginning of a series of biographies meant to provide clarity to Kenpo practitioners worldwide about the history of where Ed Parker’s art came from, how it evolved into what it is today, and who some of the key soldiers were.  This series will serve as a historical documentation of the garden produced by the seeds sowed by Ed Parker and some of his decorated dignitaries.

This is Rainer Schulte’s story—a story of a young German boy who at the age of 5 was caught in the middle of a firefight between Russian and German soldiers during World War II, being one of  the only German survivors along with his sister Ursula and mother Martha. Turmoil became a frequent factor throughout Rainer’s childhood all stemming from the war.   After a move to the United States as a young teenager, things began to change for Rainer.

Dodging bullets, running for his life on several occasions led into his relocating to California from New York, turning tragedies into triumphs.  After being enlisted in the Armed Forces, Rainer became a person of interest by Army officials, which led him into working for the German government on anti-terrorist details.  After taking an interest in martial arts, Rainer finds himself searching for a martial arts school suitable to help him deal with life or death situations.  After a couple attempts he ended up in Ed Parker’s Kenpo Karate studio in Santa Monica.

Rainer’s journey as a student of “The Father of American Karate” would lead him into many twists of success including body guarding for several diplomats as well as legendary singer Paul McCartney; saving his life several times throughout his government job; and becoming the driving force of Ed Parker’s American Kenpo in Europe.

This is a great book even for those who are not Kenpo practitioners.  As the late legendary writer Joe Hyams said:

“Almost every senior black belt in Kenpo has a different story to tell about how he came to the martial arts.  Rainer Schulte’s journey has a most unlikely beginning and is more like a James Bond novel than a biography.”

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