Private Lessons

If you are a martial arts student, click the link below to read about the importance of private lessons.

Aside from all the group classes Mr. Miller teaches on a weekly basis, he also teaches numerous private lessons to his personal students who want what is best for them to become the greatest martial artists possible.  Some students take weekly private lessons, others do every other week, and some do one per month.  Private lessons are strongly encouraged because it gives the student one on one time with the instructor to review belt material and hone the student’s skills as they learn the minute details they need to become great.  Another reason to get private lessons is to learn your new material in a timely fashion.  Group classes are extremely important as well, but at our school, 80 percent of the group classes are for drilling the material and getting you better at what you already know.  The group classes also get you to apply your movements with partners to learn how to make them work.  Private lessons are the best way to learn your new material.  Also, it is wise to get a private lesson right before a belt test (usually 1-3 days before).  This gives the student a pre-test to get him or her comfortable for the test.

The investment for a private lesson with Mr. Miller is $25 (30 minute session). He does provide a discount for those who get weekly private lessons. If you do one per week they are only $20 per session.

You do not have to be a student enrolled at Miller’s Kenpo Karate to get private lessons from Mr. Miller. He has provided private lessons to students from other martial arts schools, as well as non martial artists who want to learn some things. Whether you are a martial artist or not, private lessons with Mr. Miller can help many people including bouncers (lock/restraint holds and much more), police officers (cuffing and stuffing procedures, appropriate take downs, locks and restraints, etc.), Military (whatever they desire to learn), and anyone wanting to learn some basic self-defense skills, boxing, kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts, weapons (stick, knife, firearms), joint locks, takedowns, chokes, restraints, anti-bullying strategies, and more.

Professor Miller teaches private lessons to amateur boxers, MMA fighters, private boxing students, and anybody else who is looking for something “specialized” to focus on.  If you would like to become a private student under Miller, e-mail him at or call 814-368-3725.  If you are a student under Miller and would like to set up some private lessons either e-mail him or talk with him before or after one of your group classes.