“When it comes to martial arts it is work to some and a passion to others. Michael Miller is an exceptional martial artist as well as a great instructor.  What goes beyond the passion is when someone is willing to go past just teaching. Michael is one of those individuals that goes beyond the teaching. He represents kenpo with seminars and events. He also uses his skills as a writer to help document and preserve our time period in history. He is a man I recommend to seek for wisdom and knowledge.”

Ed Parker Jr. (son of the legendary Ed Parker – founder of American Kenpo)

“I know Michael Miller to be a man of honor and integrity. He’s a hard working family man whose word is his bond. And, oh yeah, he’s also a pretty terrific Martial Artist. We’re fortunate to have him in the ranks of Kenpo.”

Grandmaster Dave Hebler (Former bodyguard to Elvis Presley – “Memphis Mafia”)

“I met Michael Miller for the first time at the CKF Florida Camp in February 2007. When I saw him move I became interested and asked Mr. Kelley: Who is this 4th degree? He said, ‘This is Michael Miller from Bradford PA, he is a writer for B.B. and Kung Fu Magazines, and my student.’ I was amazed by Michael’s knowledge and passion for Kenpo.  The quality of his students reflect the excellent quality of their instructor—humble but powerful. All in the name of Ed Parker’s American Kenpo we got to talk and by now I call him a friend and Brother in Kenpo. Michael, keep it up and you’ll go far in this so diversified world of Ed Parkers Kenpo.”

Rainer Schulte (American Kenpo Legend and ex bodyguard to Paul McCartney).

“Michael Miller’s passion, discipline and unquestionable skill in the art of American Kenpo Karate personifies the true character of his teachable spirit. His desire and undying efforts to perpetuate the art is a living testimony of those who have come before us and will remain a legacy for those who come long after we are gone.”

David E. Stanley (Elvis Presley’s step-brother and former bodyguard)

“There comes a time in a person’s life where you know if you look close enough you will find a rare man to be proud of.  My first impression of Michael Miller is one of honesty, devotion and loyalty with a capital “L” as we kneel in the Kenpo system to take on our next journey.  I have found him to be a top notch student, instructor and dedicated black belt who will go the extra mile to learn his craft. He has stepped up into the Kenpo community to speak candidly about honor and what it means to be a true black belt with etiquette and has ‘Walked the Walk’ not just ‘Talked the Talk.’  As an international Kenpo instructor, I have found Michael Miller to be a person who I feel will take our Kenpo system into the next generation with class and with humility as taught in our lineage under the Chinese Karate Federation.  This letter acts as a testimonial to Michael Miller’s skill, dedication, honor and the mutual respect I as President of the Chinese Karate Federation have with knowing him as my student and friend.”

Sean P. Kelley (Internationally sought out Kenpo Master)

“I know Michael Miller and shared the mat with him as well. He’s not only a good kid, but one hell of a martial artist. I can say that kid thing, because not only am I fifty seven years old, but I’ve spent 37 of those years in the Ed Parker system of Kenpo.”

Rich Hale (7th Degree Black Belt)

“Having trained with Michael Miller on many occasions over the past 3 years, let me be the first to state that Miller’s Dojo in Bradford, PA, is one of the best martial arts schools in the United States. Michael Miller is one of the most dedicated and skilled martial arts experts around and is an amazing instructor. Training at Miller’s Dojo could change your life.”

Jamie Seabrook (6th degree black belt) (Canadian CKF Representative)

“Michael Miller is one of the top Kenpo Instructors in the nation!! If you live in the Bradford PA. area and are wanting to put a positive change in your life and learn how to protect yourself and your family with the system of American Kenpo then give Millers Kenpo karate Dojo a call today!! 814-368-3725.”

Buddy Morrison (tactical firearms instructor/self-defense expert)

“As a member of the Guardian Angels I have visited and witnessed many martial arts and self-defense schools and programs over the last 24 years. I must say that Michael Miller’s Dojo and his Kenpo combative’s training is top-notch and fits right in line with the type of training the Guardian Angels need and are looking for. The program is reality based and everyone in the community will benefit from it.

“The Pennsylvania region has developed a new self-defense certification program made to fit our members and our organization’s protocols by using Kenpo as a base for this program. This certification program was completed with the assistance of Michael Miller who reviewed the finished product and made changes to techniques that were too complex for beginners.

“Mr. Miller understands the real world issues we may encounter as Guardian Angels and also understands the different levels of ability our volunteers possess. Based on this Mr. Miller has been able to guide us through the process of this new program to make it attainable for all volunteers no matter what their skill level.

“As the Regional Director for the Pennsylvania Guardian Angels I endorse Mr. Miller’s Kenpo Karate Dojo and highly recommend it to everyone of all age groups. He is a motivated and professional instructor that knows when to be compassionate and when to be demanding during training. There is one thing for sure that will happen when you train with Mr. Miller, you will be a better person.”

Scott Koppenhofer

Pennsylvania Regional Director

Alliance of Guardian Angels



“My three and a half years with Mr. Miller has been a great experience.  Before I joined I had very little confidence and self-esteem.  He is a great man and teacher and I would strongly recommend any child or adult to take classes.”

AJ Comilla (Adult Program)

“American Kenpo is a thinking man’s art. Mr. Miller teaches not only the art, but also the science and principles that guide it, creating well-rounded students who possess both an ability to defend themselves and in-depth knowledge of Ed Parker’s system.”

Jason Wood (Adult Program)

“The programs that I’m enrolled in are the main program, Ed Parker’s American Kenpo Karate, and kickboxing. The programs are both awesome.  Kickboxing has been the most upbeat and intense class I’ve had.  Kenpo has helped boost my confidence and helped me get more physically fit.  It also helped me stand up to bullies.”

Andrew Trummer (Adult Program)

“Ever since I started classes in September of 2005 I have always wanted to come back for more.  Miller’s Dojo has given me confidence, helped me lose over 30 pounds and has taught me to be a great person and leader.  I have made so many friends and have learned so much.  Mr. Miller is such a great man.  He is always there when you need him.  He really cares about us and tries to teach Kenpo as it was meant to be taught.  He brought amazing people to us: Mr. Kelley, Mr. Hebler and Mr. Schulte.  Coming here and taking his classes has been the best for me.”

Penny Amacher (Adult Program)

“Mr. Miller and his program have been a wonderful influence on Alexander. The changes we have seen in Alexander developmentally, emotionally and academically have been remarkable!”

 Kimberly Abbott Cole – mother of 7 year old son

“My son Justin has really become responsible since he has received his yellow belt.  He has been adamant about doing things himself and has been picking up after himself and getting things done promptly, which has impressed me.  He told me that Mr. Miller said that since he was a yellow belt he couldn’t act like he used to.  He had to be more responsible because yellow belts have more responsibilities than white belts.  Justin has really taken this seriously and I love it.”

Randy Komidar – father of 7 year old son

“When I signed Matthew up for Kenpo, I was expecting for him to learn self defense.  In the 2 years he has been involved, Mr. Miller has not only taught him self defense, but self respect, respect for others, and leadership skills.  And when Matthew had to deal with a bully, he didn’t need to USE the self defense, instead he used reasoning…another great lesson that Mr. Miller teaches.  And he not only teaches our children, he teaches us parents. LEAD BY EXAMPLE.”

Jean Whitlow  – mother of 10 year old son

“Thank you Mr. Miller for making Troy’s firsts karate experience a great one! He is hooked only after one day.  He has not stopped talking about it and is excited to come back! You and your “helpers” are great!”

Kristy Counts Adkins –  mother of 5 year old son

“Before starting the kenpo kids program almost a year ago my son wouldn’t answer questions in school because he was afraid of being wrong.  As his confidence grew he began answering questions and his grades increased.”

Kim Livingston – mother of 8 year old son

“I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you.  You are changing lives with what you do!  I am so proud of my son.  Mr. Miller you are an amazing teacher and I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for my son.  He is a better behaved kid, a more focused student, has more self control and self confidence, and listens so much better since he started your classes seven months ago. And he thinks you are very cool.  From the bottom of my heart, Thank You!”

Misty Wareham – mother of 7 year old son

“Tyler has completed his first full year of kenpo kids.  It has been a great opportunity at his young age to learn pride and accomplishment.  We have found Tyler to be more attentive to his surroundings.  He really enjoys learning from Mr. Miller.”

Mr. and Mrs. Buck – parents of 8 year old son

“I believe taking karate at Mr. Miller’s Dojo has helped my son learn that sticking with something and working hard has great pay-offs.  It has taught him focus and been a confidence builder.  It’s also teaching him to take good care of his body, and how good it feels to keep in shape.  We love Miller’s Dojo.”

Wendy Yost – mother of 8 year old son

“We are so impressed with Mr. Miller’s way of commanding the students’ respect.  He is fun and a wonderful teacher.  Our son loves learning Kenpo Karate.  This is the first activity our son has appreciated and valued.  We as parents are so grateful for this because Mr. Miller really emphasizes that Kenpo is a state of mind, body and spirit.  Kenpo is more than ‘moves’.  Our son NEEDS the structure of this class and more importantly the messages it represents.  Mr. Miller teaches focus and concentration along with respect.  Our son looks to Mr. Miller as a role model.  As parents, we love having our son look up to someone who stands for kindness, control and respect.  Thank you Mr. Miller! You are a gift to our son!”

S.K. and J.K  – parents of 7 year old son

“We are very pleased with the positive impact that Mr. Miller and the instructors have had on Austen.  Being a Little Dragon has improved his strength physically and mentally and has given him the basics of a martial art—something on which he is planning to focus for years to come.”

Mr. and Mrs. Davis – parents of 6 year old son

“I have been taking karate lessons with Mr. Miller for two years.  It is the best thing to do with my time.  Mr. Miller has famous people come and give seminars at the Dojo.  Karate has changed my life.  I am not afraid of bullies.  I know I could stand up for my friends, and myself if I needed to.  You should go to Miller’s Dojo if you have a chance.”

Matti Pehonsky  – 11 year old student in the Junior program

“Our son has been taking karate now for five years.  He started attending for several reasons one of which was a solid basis for self-defense and to teach him how not to be a target.  We also wanted to build his confidence.  Over these past years our son has grown so much and learned beyond our expectations.  He has confidence and has learned to respect others.  The skills he has learned has been an asset in the other sports he participates in.  Miller’s Dojo is a safe place to learn.  Mr. Miller has been so very supportive. He watches the individual’s skills and works with people in all areas so they can not only increase skill level, but confidence as well.  The Bradford area is very fortunate to have a skilled, respected instructor.  We would like the school system to make use of his abilities to help keep kids safe.  We wouldn’t go to anyone else.”

Dan and Karen Abbott –  parents of 11 year old son

“Little Dragons Kenpo has been one of the best things I ever could have put my son Dakoda into.  Dakoda was diagnosed as border line ADHD and Dr.s wanted to medicate him.  My husband and I figured we would try a physical activity to counteract his behavior.  Dakoda’s attitude has completely changed.  He has learned manners and self-control.  I couldn’t be happier with Mr. Miller and his staff and the way he was able to control my son’s ADHD.  Thank you so much for all you have done.”

Crystal Soble – mother of 5 year old son

“I must say, I’m very impressed with your class. Madison has always been a good kid but since she joined your class her manners have been flawless. She says “yes ma’am, no thank you, your welcome” on a constant basis. She’s also helping with everything. Anytime I say I need something she goes running to get it for me. You’re doing an awesome job and you’re a great teacher. Thank you for being such a positive influence on my daughter.”

Holly Anne – mother of 5 year old daughter

“Mr. Miller is an extraordinary person.  His patience and upbeat personality is truly amazing. The way he communicates with the kids is wonderful to watch and even a learning experience for me.  Teaching respect, focus, following directions, all while improving coordination, strength, and self-confidence.  My son has been with Mr. Miller for a little over a year now and is so much better at listening, self control, and school work, and using manners.  I am truly proud to have Mr. Miller as my son’s instructor and role model.”

Matt Palmer – father of 6 year old son

“We reviewed Andrew’s report card tonight. Since the last marking period, he has excelled in everything. He had a good report card last time, this time around it seems to have simply doubled. I believe in what you and I were talking about last Wednesday is working. His attention and behavior still need a lil tweaking, but much better this time according to his teacher. You told me, thru your teachings this would happen, I’m here to tell everyone, this is for real and you my friend and your teachings are top notch. Thank you Mike for being there, through your teachings and yourself, in giving Andy something to look forward to and loving it.”

Jason Himes – Step father of 5 year old boy


“Karate has helped me in many areas of my life such as self-esteem, responsibility and respect, not to mention how to defend myself which I hope to never use. Karate has also showed me how far I can push my physical ability.  Thank you very much Mr. Miller. God has given you the ability to teach and He has also richly blessed it.”

Eric Kessel Jr.  (Junior Program)