Why Miller’s Dojo

American Kenpo is a system tailored to you allowing it to be extremely practical in nature.


American Kenpo molds itself to your body type, personality, wants and needs so that it can work for you. Many systems require you to fit into their traditional style. Kenpo also works all ranges of fighting/defense and focuses on reality based self-defense. It is a scientific system based on logic and reason. It is a system that you develop your own personal style through. American Kenpo is constantly evolving to work with modern day environments through practical use of concepts, principles and movements.

It’s the only American Kenpo studio in the area.


First of all, it’s the only full-time martial arts studio in the history of Bradford, Pa and is the only full-time school in McKean County. Secondly, it’s the only Kenpo school you will find within a 200 mile radius of McKean and Potter Counties. If you want a system that will build “real” confidence and give you a realistic approach to self-defense, American Kenpo is one of the top systems to achieve that.

It is an education.


American Kenpo is an analytical study of motion and is based on the laws of the universe, which are best described through physics and geometry. Along with science and mathematics, you (or your child) will learn about human anatomy and physiology, sociology, the psychology of violence, principles of success, and more.


It’s about you!


When you join our school we care about what we can do for you. That is why you are here. Many instructors care about what you can do for them, and their ego is more important than you are. When an instructor spends most of his conversation with you talking about how great he is (and puts other local instructors down), it’s a sure sign that he is only into selling himself to get a new student. You can bet that you will not get what you are looking for because he is too into himself to be able to teach you to be all you are capable of becoming. We work hard to provide the results you are looking for. It doesn’t matter what we have accomplished if we can’t help you to reach your full potential. You will see it all the time in advertisements “We are the best,” or “The instructor is a three time world champion.” Just because someone is a world champion doesn’t mean that she can teach. Those who have great accomplishments do not need to talk about them—others will do the talking for them. We teach and lead by example and you will see that we care about your growth.


Mr. Miller is a top qualified international instructor who is also still a student.


When a teacher is no longer a student he becomes a bad teacher. Mr. Miller is known by many of the top martial artists in the world both in Kenpo and outside of it. He has shared knowledge with, trained with and interviewed many famous martial artists. He continues his instruction under some of Kenpo’s finest masters. Miller is also a student under the great Joe Lewis in Joe Lewis Fighting Systems and trains with Bill “Superfoot” Wallace twice a year. Mr. Miller goes out of his way to stay continually educated to provide the best instruction possible to his students.

Classes are fun


Mr. Miller believes in having fun while you learn. There is always a nice sense of energy in his classes and his sense of humor always keeps everybody enjoying themselves. Music is played during certain drills and warm ups to keep the energy level high and keep the motivation going. Although classes are fun, they are well structured and disciplined.


Mr. Miller is professional and belts are earned

Mr. Miller does not believe in handing belts away for money. When you take Kenpo classes at Miller’s Dojo you will earn your belts so that they actually mean something. When you sign a child up, no matter what age, your child begins learning in a professional manner so that he/she will constantly grow throughout the system. Your child will earn everything. There is no black belt in any of the child programs because getting a black belt before age 18 is unrealistic. There is, however, a junior black belt that can be earned at the age of 14 (in the junior program). Any instructor who gives a child a black belt is giving the student a false sense of security. Think about it. What is a seven year old black belt going to do? He couldn’t even protect himself against a 12 year old who never took martial arts. A black belt means something in our school.

The opportunity to train with top martial artists


By joining Miller’s Dojo, not only are you training under one of the next generation of Kenpo masters, but also you will have the opportunity to train with some of the best martial artists in the world. Mr. Miller has his primary instructor, Sean Kelley, come up two-three times a year to teach seminars to his students. Mr. Kelley is one of the best teachers you’ll find in Kenpo. Mr. Miller also gets other Kenpo greats to come to the school including Grandmaster Michael Robert Pick, Master Rainer Schulte, Grandmaster Dave Hebler (ex bodyguard to Elvis Presley), David Stanley (Elvis Presley’s step brother), Rich Hale, and others. Miller also has non Kenpo greats come to the school as well such as Bill “Superfoot” Wallace and Joe Lewis.

The opportunity to be a part of a top-notch Organization


Miller’s Dojo is a Chinese Karate Federation (CKF) school. All of our students become members of this phenomenal international organization. It is run by President Sean Kelley and Vice President Rainer Schulte. Mr. Miller is the Public Relations Administrator for the CKF. As a CKF member you will have the opportunity to go to CKF functions to train with the number one martial artists in the world.

We have something for everyone


If you are not interested in taking full martial arts lessons in our adult TCB Kenpo Karate program, we also offer a boxing program, private Mixed Martial Arts classes (boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, Judo, and Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu – no gi), and private lessons that can cover an array of topics such as self-defense, boxing, kickboxing, American Kenpo, Modern Arnis, Joe Lewis Fighting Systems, Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu, control and restraint holds (great for police officers and security personel), personal protection tactics, sparring, knife tactics, nunchaku training, bo staff training, escrima stick training, pistol training (CAR System), weapons defense (stick, knife, firearms, staff, etc), “Ideal” to real deal training, and more.

We produce results


We have a track record of producing results in all areas. We are reality based and deal with logic. We have several testimonials that prove that our teaching changes people. We have had students handle bullying situations properly, students protect themselves in real encounters, students avoid violent situations, students who have become better helpers at home, students who have gotten better grades, students who have learned to control their temper, students who learned to do things without being told, students who don’t talk back to their parents anymore, students who have increased their confidence and self-esteem so much that they have made many more friends and are no longer shy, and more. But don’t take our word for it. Here are a couple testimonials (for more testimonials click the testimonials link):

“I wanted to say, Mr. Miller is an amazing teacher! It’s wonderful to see my son interact with Mr. Miller at class, and his behavior at home is slowly improving as well! Thank you for being so patient with him and always smiling!”

Mistey Wareham. mother of 7 year old son

“Matthew is turning into a pretty good leader. Always was worried he’d be a follower. But your classes teach realism. And that my friend, is what I truly like about Kenpo. No pretending.”

Jean Whitlow mother of 9 year old son