Women’s Self-Defense

Many martial arts instructors have a 4-6 week women’s self-defense program that they teach outside of their normal classes. Although this is better than nothing, it is much more valuable to take an on-going program. There is no such thing as a “quick fix” when it comes to “real” self-defense.

A separate women’s self-defense program (4-6 weeks) will certainly help you, especially in the verbal and mental skills to learn to avoid potentially dangerous situations, but when it comes to the physical training – where you have to sharpen your tools – the 4-6 week program falls short. You can certainly learn the tools and even practice them quite a bit in the program, but what happens after the 4-6 weeks are up? If you stop sharpening your tools they will become dull. In order to become comfortable with the realities of a violent encounter, you must train properly and often.

The women at our school train in the full adult program (TCB Kenpo Combatives) and they love it. In fact, we have just as many women as men. Our program is a no nonsense reality based program that teaches all aspects of “real” practical self-defense. You may wonder why we say “real” self-defense. The system of martial arts we teach is a modern system based on logic and reason, not tradition. Tradition (movements passed on century after century) is limited and outdated. It doesn’t mean that they don’t have anything to offer, because they do if you find the right instructor.

Do you still watch a black and white television? Of course not, because the world has evolved into high def flat screen color televisions. Do you still go to the nearest phone booth when you are out and have to make a phone call? Of course not, because everyone has a cell phone now. I’m sure you get it.

American Kenpo is a system that evolves with the times. It’s practical instead of “classical” and was developed in 1954 (rather than hundreds of years ago) and revised several times since then. In fact, many of the masters in our system have been bodyguards for celebrities. Two of Mr. Miller’s instructors were bodyguards (one for Elvis Presley and the other for Paul McCartney).

Some facts to ponder:

– 1 rape or sexual assault occurs every 2 minutes!

– 1 out of every 6 American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime!

– A total of 17.7 million women have been the victims of these crimes!

This is a common response:

“It won’t happen to me!”

You need to realize that it certainly “can” happen to you and probably “will” with that kind of attitude!

Hopefully it won’t happen to you. But think about this:

Do you plan on getting into a car accident?

Do you plan on having your house burn down?

Do you plan on dying a tragic untimely death?

But, you have car insurance, home owners insurance (or renters insurance), and life insurance!

Well, learning self-defense is the same thing. It’s called re-assurance! Just in case you are attacked you will have the will, knowledge, and skill to escape!

Fact is the probability that you will become a victim of some kind of physical attack is far greater than having your house go up in smoke, or suffering an early tragic death.

The point of our adult program, however, is to teach you about reality and how to make the reality based techniques work.

There are several reasons why you should join our adult TCB Kenpo Combatives program:

The training methods are reality based (kicking in the shin and slapping in the face won’t stop an attacker)

American Kenpo Karate is one of the most street effective systems for modern day combat, which teaches you how to deal with all scenarios.

We teach the three “M’s” of practical self-defense training: providing the proper “movements”, the proper “methods” of training and developing the proper “mindset.” Most martial arts teach only one of the three.

The information is world class, top of the line “true” info for a reality based mindset. Mr. Miller is a world recognized self-defense authority through the gift of power foundation—a non profit organization that teaches the top women’s self-defense program in the world. Mr. Miller is 1 of 4 people certified to teach the program (certified under ex bodyguard to Elvis Presley, Grandmaster Dave Hebler), and is 1 of 2 people certified on the entire East coast.

It teaches all methods of self-defense (all kinds of strikes, grabs and holds, as well as ground defense if you are taken to the ground).

It teaches escape, not conquer. Conquer is an illusion, escape is reality. We teach you to do enough damage to create the 2-3 seconds you need to escape.

Click on the “Adult TCB Kenpo Combatives Program” link on the home page to find out the other benefits you will reap with the program aside from self-defense.


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