At Miller’s Kenpo Karate we are excited about the many ways we can improve your life and the lives of your children. We enjoy watching the positive growth that occurs daily through our student’s dedication. Our sense of achievement is based on the hundreds of people who have reached their full potential and have become successful in reaching their goals through our programs.

We have many different programs designed to get you where you want to be. We offer an adult kenpo program, age specific child programs, kickboxing, women’s self-defense, and mixed martial arts (MMA). Our child programs have been molding wonderful children into great role models in our community for several years. Although learning self-defense is extremely important in today’s society, what’s even more important is learning the skills necessary to recognize and avoid those situations through proper education, character development, and leadership training. The good news is we at Miller’s Kenpo Karate provide all that and more. If you have any questions call us at 814-368-3725.

You deserve professionals who focus solely on your progression

Our instructors at Miller’s Kenpo Karate are highly trained professionals and are focused on you and your children. We are experts in child development and we constantly keep up with our training in all areas to provide the best teaching and preparation for you and your children. We take new students all year round as long as we have openings in the program you are interested in. Slots fill quickly so be sure to act fast. Allow us to assist you in becoming the person you want to be, and join you in educating your children.

You will develop an even closer bond with family

Martial art training provides a sense of unity; whether it’s a closer relationship with your children, parents, or siblings, the family atmosphere in the studio and the ability to work together at home develops positive relationships. Although the child programs and adult programs are separate at our school, we encourage parents and their children to get involved so everyone can grow together.

Becoming healthier means less problems and a happier life

There are many benefits of our martial art programs, but those of most importance deal with bettering your health. Fitness is active ingredient to our training programs during classes. You will have a healthier heart, lose weight, boost your metabolism, and less stress, which leads to a better life. Confidence increases, self-esteem becomes much better, and you will feel more productive throughout your everyday life.

We look forward to helping you achieve whatever it is you are looking to accomplish! Give us a call at 814-368-3725 and we will tell you about our TRIAL PROGRAM to see if we are the right school for you.